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  1. Development of the game was handed to Nintendo's American development studio, Nintendo Software Technology Corporation ( NST ).
  2. Nintendo Software Technology Corporation also recruited several veterans from companies like Rockstar, Electronic Arts, and Microsoft to further complete their development talent.
  3. Digipen is so closely affiliated with the Nintendo game maker that Comair is also chairman of Nintendo Software Technology, the company's game programming arm.
  4. When Left Field separated with Nintendo in early 2002, Nintendo Software Technology took over development of the game, finally releasing 1080?Avalanche on December 1, 2003.
  5. In Redmond, Comair served as one of the founders of Nintendo Software Technology, which has kept a strong relationship with DigiPen, hiring graduates as well as providing instructors.
  6. The eventual developer, Nintendo Software Technology ( NST ), worked closely with Retro to design the game's art and characters to make sure that they fit into the overall Metroid series.
  7. Nintendo Software Technology, a team at Nintendo, began development on " Project H . A . M . M . E . R . " in 2003 for the Wii video game console.
  8. is a puzzle video game developed by Nintendo Software Technology and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS . It was announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 and released in North America on November 14, 2010.
  9. "' First party developers "': Brownie Brown " Monolith Soft " Nintendo Research & Development 1 " Nintendo Research & Development 2 " Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development " Nintendo Software Technology " Retro Studios
  10. The developers blamed the game's failure on the culture and racism of Nintendo Software Technology's senior Japanese leads, who the developers reported as ignoring their input on the cultural interests of the game's Western market.


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