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  • 紐約任天堂


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  1. I do not feel the same about the " Nintendo World Store " however.
  2. The store was closed and replaced by the Nintendo World Store on May 14, 2005.
  3. It was never released and is on display at the Nintendo World Store in New York.
  4. Most of the peripherals for the Advanced Video System are on display at the Nintendo World Store.
  5. Nintendo sponsored an official launch event at the Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles and the Nintendo World Store in New York City.
  6. On November 17, 2012, the Nintendo World store had a big launch event for the Wii U, with hundreds of people in attendance.
  7. The winners at the National Final won flights and accommodation to New York to visit the Nintendo World Store and $ 1, 000 spending money.
  8. On 2006-09-09 Old Granny Hardcore won the Nintendo World Store's " Coolest Grandparent of the year " " Brain Age " contest.
  9. On May 14, 2005, Nintendo opened its first retail store accessible to the general public, Nintendo World Store, at the Rockefeller Center in New York City.
  10. On January 19, 2016, the Nintendo World store was closed for renovation and re-opened its doors on February 19, 2016, with new features in the store.


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