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  • no:    no. d'index 索引號 no ...
  • pain:    音標:[pɛ̃] m. 面包;食糧, ...
  • no:    no. d'index 索引號 no ...
  • gain:    音標:[gɛ̃] n.m 1獲勝,勝 ...


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  1. Another : " No pain no gain ."
  2. This is basically the " no pain no gain " advice, although I think " pain " is a bit strong.
  3. Should they drop 11 men into coverage and simply decline to hit him under the theory that when defending McNair, it's " no pain no gain "?
  4. "Nike and Reebok's in-your-face ` Life is short, play hard, no pain no gain'approach is not what we're about, " said Paul Heffernan, New Balance vice president of marketing.
  5. There isn't really much theory to know, besides the typical exercises and the " no pain no gain " attitude, if you are not suffering, you won't get any stronger .-- talk ) 15 : 26, 17 January 2008 ( UTC)
  6. Many of them will not talk about their injuries on the record because, they say, being an injured musician is taboo in competitive musical circles, where the credo " no pain no gain " dominates, and any weakness is ammunition for your challengers.
  7. Yim's short " Super Nerds : No Pain No Gain " is a comedy about two die-hard iPhone fans and their journey to find someone who can attach a Korean title " Super Deokhu ", " deokhu " originates from the Japanese word " otaku " ).
  8. The promotion's inaugural event, " Clacton Carnage ", was held in March, 2005 and in just over a year at their aptly named event " A Night of Champions " they crowded their first Bubblegum in January at the " No Pain No Gain 2007 " event which featured the European debut of The Great Muta ..


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