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  1. Defending the Point Cruz area were Japanese army troops from the 4th Infantry Regiment commanded by Nomasu Nakaguma.
  2. What remained of the 4th Infantry Regiment under Colonel Nomasu Nakaguma began to gather openly near Point Cruz ( on the coast just west of the Matanikau ).
  3. The area was defended by the Japanese Army's 4th Infantry Regiment under Nomasu Nakaguma along with various other support troops, under the overall command of Harukichi Hyakutake.
  4. Sumiyoshi's forces, including two battalions of the 4th Infantry Regiment under Colonel Nomasu Nakaguma, launched attacks on the U . S . Marine defenses at the mouth of the Matanikau on the evening of 23 October.
  5. At the same time, four battalions of Marine artillery, totalling 40 howitzers, fired over 6, 000 rounds into the area between Point Cruz and the Matanikau, causing heavy casualties in Nomasu Nakaguma's infantry battalions as they tried to approach the Marine lines.
  6. "' Nomasu Nakaguma "', also known as "'Naomasa "'or "'Tadamasu Nakaguma "', was a colonel and a commander in the Imperial Japanese Army during the Matanikau actions and the decisive Japanese defeat in the Battle for Henderson Field in October 1942 his regiment suffered heavy losses.


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