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發音:   用"normal mapping"造句
  • normal:    音標:[nɔrmal] normal ...
  • mapping:    mapping m. 映射
  • mapping:    mappingm.映射


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  1. Basic normal mapping can be implemented in any hardware that supports palettized textures.
  2. It allows for much more modern effects such as dynamic lighting and normal mapping.
  3. The first game console to have specialized normal mapping hardware was the Sega Dreamcast.
  4. Jim Blinn first introduced the idea of normal mapping in a 1978 SIGGRAPH paper.
  5. Per-pixel lighting is commonly used with techniques like normal mapping, bump mapping, specularity, and shadow volumes.
  6. Material attributes can be used to produce effects such as normal mapping, parallax mapping, horizon mapping, and bumpy reflections or refractions.
  7. The graphics in " Chaos Theory " feature a number of improvements, including the addition of normal mapping, HDR lighting, and parallax mapping.
  8. The game uses normal mapping, which allows detailed textures to be drawn on models with lower polygon counts; this increases visual fidelity, without sacrificing higher frame rates.
  9. Zoom in, and you'll see that even normal mapping, under low class lighting, still exists and YES WORKS WITH BLOCKY SHADING ( HitMan : BM ).
  10. In "'normal mapping "', the unit dotted with the unit vector normal to that surface, and the dot product is the intensity of the light on that surface.


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