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  • 厄沃塞


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  1. The Oeversee municipality was merged with Sankelmark on March 1, 2008.
  2. The new municipality is, however, still called Oeversee.
  3. Oeversee is part of the " Oeversee.
  4. Oeversee is part of the " Oeversee.
  5. The middling section between Oeversee and Langstedt and Treia developed to be a popular canoe district, the lower section can be used by pleasure crafts as well.
  6. He led a Federal Army Corps in the First War of Schleswig ( also known as the Prussian-Danish War of 1848 ), and defeated the Danes at the Battle of Oeversee, a rear-guard action at Sankelmark.


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