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  1. This monastery was relocated from Aibling to Olching in 1262.
  2. Only nine out of formerly 67 estates remained in Olching after 1648.
  3. For express train travel, residents of Olching may travel via Munich Pasing and Munich Hauptbahnhof
  4. Until 1839 Olching was still very rural with about 50 farms and approximately 300 inhabitants.
  5. The operator of the bird park is the Bird Lover's Association of Olching.
  6. The current figure ( August 2009 ) for the population of Olching is 24, 582.
  7. Over the course of time, the procession in Olching has become the largest in Upper Bavaria.
  8. Olching station is located on but not served by the Munich Augsburg mainline which also carries significant goods traffic.
  9. The F黵stenfeld Abbey owned several estates in Olching until the period of secularization in Bavaria in 1802 / 1803.
  10. The North Ring begins at Olching station and initially runs north from Groebenzell to the Munich district of Laim.


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