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發音:   用"old courthouse"造句
老法院 (圣路易斯)
  • old:    鞋匠 制鞋工人 皮鞋匠 制鞋匠 皮匠
  • old:    鞋匠制鞋工人皮鞋匠制鞋匠皮匠
  • tweed courthouse:    特威德法院大樓


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  1. The restored old courthouse has a gold dome and stately columns.
  2. The old courthouse located on Court Street was built in 1836.
  3. The old courthouse was advertised for sale and fell into disuse.
  4. White led a campaign to repair the old courthouse and lost.
  5. Nearby also is the Old Courthouse and several other notable buildings.
  6. The Santa Monica courthouse is a small, old courthouse.
  7. TALL TALES AND SHORT STORIES : Things have changed at the old courthouse
  8. Others opt to view the festivities from the Old Courthouse.
  9. The Old Courthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  10. An addition behind the old courthouse was finished in 1998.


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