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  • olympic:    奧林匹克 (消歧義)
  • air:    音標:[εr] n.m. 1.大氣; ...
  • classe olympic:    palette classe oly ...


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  1. She was appointed to design the  Olympic Air personnel costumes.
  2. Olympic Air, the new airline formed from privatisation, commenced flights.
  3. Services at Sanderson include minor airframe and powerplant repair by Olympic Air.
  4. From October 2015, Olympic Air operates the majority of Greek routes.
  5. He has reached one Olympic air rifle final, where he finished sixth.
  6. Vgenopoulos was also the chairman of Olympic Air, the oldest Greek airline.
  7. Olympic Air has undertaken to cover half of the new terminal building s budget.
  8. In the United States, the summer Olympics air on NBC, a network GE owns.
  9. As part of the deal, Aegean Airlines paid Olympic Air ?20 million up front.
  10. Aegean Air and Olympic Air offer frequent hour-long flights from Athens to Iraklion, Crete.


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