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奧林匹克公園 (北京)


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  1. Several of the venues were located at the Olympic Green Olympic Park.
  2. It was one of the four principal buildings of the Olympic Green.
  3. "' Olympic Green Station "'is an Line 15 of the Beijing Subway in China.
  4. Ground was broken, at the Olympic Green, for Beijing National Stadium on 24 December 2003.
  5. It was also the only Olympic Green building that was not an Olympic event venue.
  6. He took 31 putts on the slick Olympic greens.
  7. The "'2008 World Fencing Championships "'were held at the Olympic Green Convention Center in Beijing, China.
  8. The circuit is similar to the Beijing Olympic Green Circuit and the 2014, beginning a seven-year contract.
  9. Beijing's Games will be centered on an " Olympic Green " to be built in the north of the city.
  10. The renovations were performed in order to bring renewed interest to the Olympic Green area as part of the games'legacy.


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