發音:   用"paimon"造句


  1. They also perform under their individual stage names as Garud, Paimon, and Place 2b ( in respective order ).
  2. Paimon is depicted as a man with an effeminate face ( a strong man with a woman's face according to other authors ), wearing a precious crown, and riding a dromedary.
  3. Paimon teaches all arts, philosophy and sciences, and secret things; he can reveal all mysteries of the Earth, wind and water, what the mind is, and everything the conjurer wants to know, gives good familiars, dignities and confirms them, binds men to the conjurer's will.
  4. If Paimon is cited alone, some offering or sacrifice must be done, and he will accept it; then two kings called Beball ( Bebal or Labal ) and Abalam ( Abalim ) will go to him together with other spirits, often twenty-five legions; but these other spirits do not always come unless the conjurer call upon them.


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