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  1. Quarterfinal matches begin at the Paineiras Club on Friday.
  2. Rua das Paineiras, 147 ( Bairro Jardim)
  3. Argentina's Christian Kordasz became the first player to reach the quarterfinals Wednesday at the dlrs 75, 000 Copa Ericsson tennis tournament at the Paineiras Club.
  4. Argentine players dominated the quarterfinals of the dlrs 75, 000 Copa Ericsson tennis tournament Friday, winning three of four matches on the clay courts of the Paineiras Club.
  5. Argentine players dominated the second round of the dlrs 75, 000 Copa Ericsson tennis tournament, winning five of 10 games on the clay courts of Sao Paulo's Paineiras Club.
  6. Within Morumbi, the neighborhoods of Vila Progredior, Caxing黫, Jardim Guedala, Cidade Jardim, Real Parque, Vila Morumbi, Paineiras do Morumbi, Jardim Panorama, Jardim S韑via, Vila Tramontano and Parais髉olis are found.
  7. He later died in the Hotel das Paineiras in Eduardo, Alfred, Carlos, Alice, Am閘ie " Millie " and Stella ) by his wife, Felisbella " Yay?" Ernestina Cintra " n閑 " da Silva.
  8. The earliest known collection of " C . abscondita " was that of a stray worker taken in a leaf-litter sample in Paineiras, Minas Gerais, in 1999, only recently discovered in the entomological collection at MZUSP and recognized as belonging to this species.


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