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  1. Juju is also often compared to Platform as a Service.
  2. The latter would be where PaaS or Platform as a Service, is provided as an additional cost.
  3. I've recently created an article about a newly emerging InMarq platform as a service in Netherlands.
  4. The company offers software as a service ( SaaS ) and platform as a service ( PaaS ) solutions.
  5. "' Mendix "'is a digital transformation company that has developed a platform as a service product.
  6. The project continues to collect contributions and the developers are considering offering their proprietary crowdfunding platform as a service to other projects.
  7. "' Kandy "'is a communications platform as a service ( PaaS ) created by GENBAND in September 2014.
  8. In December 2012, ActiveState announced the OEM integration of Stackato with HP Cloud Services, specifically the HP Cloud Application Platform as a Service.
  9. Other approaches are services as with cloud computing includes software as a service ( SaaS ) and platform as a service ( PaaS ) systems.


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