發音:   用"proteidae"造句
  • proteidae
  • 洞螈科


  1. The olm's eyes are family Proteidae, whose other extant genus is " Necturus ".
  2. Other, more distantly related salamander families also contain fully or in part aquatic species, such as the mole salamanders, the Proteidae, or the Sirenidae.
  3. They are present on non-transforming salamander species, such as most members of the Proteidae family ( the olm and mudpuppies ) and the Sirenidae family, which naturally never metamorphose into an air-breathing form.
  4. The "'olm "'or "'proteus "'( " Proteus anguinus " ) is an aquatic salamander in the family Proteidae, the only karst of Central and Southeastern Europe, specifically southern Slovenia, the basin of the So a River ( ) near Trieste, Italy, southwestern Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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