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  • rachel:    拉結
  • bloom:    專業辭典 n.m. 【冶】大鋼坯;初 ...
  • bloom:    專業辭典n.m.【冶】大鋼坯;初軋鋼 ...


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  1. Rachel Bloom, an AstraZeneca spokeswoman, called the shift " a business decision ."
  2. AstraZeneca spokeswoman Rachel Bloom-Baglin says Crestor is safe and that Wolf is distributing misleading information.
  3. This vindicates our strong belief in our intellectual property, " said AstraZeneca spokeswoman Rachel Bloom Baglin.
  4. The music and lyrics were written by Rachel Bloom and the music video was directed by Paul Briganti.
  5. These included Rachel Bloom and Issa Rae, both nominated for Best Actress in a Comedy, and Angela Bassett.
  6. A spokeswoman for AstraZeneca, Rachel Bloom-Baglin, said that the company was pleased with the judge's decision.
  7. The video features singer and comedian Rachel Bloom performing a sexually explicit song about her lust and admiration for writer Ray Bradbury.
  8. In 2016, she featured for the star of The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Golden Globe winner, Rachel Bloom.
  9. "Because this is subject of an ongoing investigation, we are not in the position to comment, " a spokeswoman, Rachel Bloom, said.
  10. AstraZeneca spokeswoman Rachel Bloom said the company won't speculate on the impact of the new Prilosec patents, but added that they are part of a normal course of business.


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