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  1. Her best friend was Rachel Jackson, Andrew Jackson s wife.
  2. Rachel Jackson did not survive the 1828 presidential campaign.
  3. Rachel Jackson, wife of Andrew Jackson.
  4. After Rachel Jackson died in 1828, Jackson had her buried in the garden she loved.
  5. Rachel Jackson was a genuinely pious woman, in the best, 1820s sense of the word.
  6. Rachel Jackson was Jack's great aunt of the Donelson family a relative of his mother.
  7. His wife Sarah Caffery, whom he married in 1800, was a niece of Rachel Jackson.
  8. Daniel Rosenberg & Rachel Jackson wrote the sleeve notes, and Brad Haynes was coordinator and designer.
  9. But without question, Rachel Jackson's encounter with religious extremists was the most tragic in American history.
  10. Rachel Jackson is also a major character in the Broadway rock musical " Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson ".


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