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  • rage:    音標:[raʒ ] 動詞變位提示:r ...
  • rage:    音標:[raʒ ]動詞變位提示:ra ...
  • comic book:    漫畫書


  1. The Baozou style of comics, originally inspired by rage comics of the US, was popularized in China and later developed into its own style.
  2. Carrey is an ideal match for Truman, because his raging comic sensibility has always carried with it a hint of innocence there's a childlike purity to his talent, a foolish abandon that recalls Charlie Chaplin's Little Tramp.
  3. He may have built the movie around Sandler's raging comic persona, but he came up with something much deeper and more meaningful _ a portrait of an angst-ridden, inchoate Gen-X-er, floating through his 30s, given one last chance to save himself . 6.


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