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羅德 (萊茵蘭-普法爾茨)


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  1. Sight fishing is perhaps the fly rodder's fondest wish.
  2. A street rodder is a guy who tries to take something and make it better.
  3. "I'm a hot rodder at heart, " he said.
  4. At Fox, Waltrip is as happy as a hot rodder in an auto parts store.
  5. When Ray gets on his feet again, he comes looking for the vicious hot-rodder.
  6. Even more, he's thrilled that the art of the street rodder is being recognized.
  7. The tagline for the series is " A Legend of [ the ] Ultimate Hot Rodder ".
  8. It's a Highboy originally built in 1976 by Tom McMullen, editor of Street Rodder magazine.
  9. Except for such oases, the hot-rodder is a driver for whom the time is out of joint.
  10. A hot rodder since his youth, Thompson increasingly pursued land speed records in his late 20s and early 30s.


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