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  1. Dr . Ronald Perkin and Dr . David Rodeberg serve as co-directors.
  2. From 1949 to 1954 the Flemish Ardennes returned, followed by the Heuvelland hills of Rodeberg and Vidaigneberg.
  3. The middle part of the race included some difficult climbs, including the Rodeberg, Kemmelberg and Monteberg.
  4. On top of the crest of the Rodeberg and Zwarteberg small residential development, mixed with small shops, tourist businesses and restaurants are found.
  5. From 1962 to 1976 Gent Wevelgem ran via the coast to Heuvelland, with the Rodeberg, Vidaigneberg and Kemmelberg as fixed venues, sometimes supplemented with Monteberg, Baneberg, Sulferberg, Goeberg, Suikerberg ( " Sugar Hill " ), Kraaiberg and Scherpenberg.


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