she saihua的中文翻譯

發音:   用"she saihua"造句
  • she:    she oak m. 福來氏木麻黃
  • she:    she oakm.福來氏木麻黃
  • lao she:    老舍


  1. Before sending off the seven sons, She Saihua visits a fortune teller.
  2. This leaves Yang Ye's wife, She Saihua, devastated as she sends her seven sons to rescue him.
  3. The elderly and widowed She Saihua is also commonly known as "'She Taijun "'( XO * YT; " Dowager She " ) and is usually depicted with a dragon-head cane ( 崯-樞bVg ).
  4. However, the message was correct, just assumed in a different manner as the only survivor is Yang Ye and She Saihua's sixth son, the number 6 in the fortune and the one who would return and have a greater destiny than his siblings.


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