she was pretty的中文翻譯

發音:   用"she was pretty"造句
她很漂亮 (韓國電視劇)
  • she:    she oak m. 福來氏木麻黃
  • she:    she oakm.福來氏木麻黃
  • pretty cure:    光之美少女系列


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  1. I think it is all right to say she was pretty.
  2. We loved looking at Di because she was pretty and blond.
  3. She was pretty as a picture, but pictures can lie.
  4. She was waiting for rescue, and she was pretty calm.
  5. She was pretty admirable, " she says, laughing.
  6. She was pretty much in denial, " he said.
  7. She was pretty good and always went to the division meetings.
  8. She was pretty and he was pretty crazy about her.
  9. But she was pretty much all that from the get-go.
  10. Erma Pryor was not my grandmother, but she was pretty close.


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