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  • sir:    n.m. [英]先生,閣下 爵士
  • henry:    henry m. 亨[利](電感單位 ...
  • sir:    n.m. [英]先生,閣下爵士


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  1. Conway asks his old friend, retired Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Henry Clithering, to investigate.
  2. The UK edition retailed at seven shillings and Raymond West, and her friend Sir Henry Clithering.
  3. Sir Henry Clithering invites Miss Marple to a dinner party, where the next set of six stories are told.
  4. In addition, a second " amateur detective ", the retired head of Scotland Yard, Sir Henry Clithering, gets involved at the request of Conway Jefferson.
  5. In several stories, she is able to rely on her acquaintance with Sir Henry Clithering, a retired commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, for official information when required.
  6. His distinguished appearance often led to roles as senior policemen, military men and English aristocracy; he played such parts in series including " Dickens of London ", " Edward & Mrs . Simpson ", " The Cedar Tree ", " The Body in the Library " as Sir Henry Clithering, and his final appearance was in a 1987 " Ruth Rendell Mysteries " adaptation.


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