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  1. The song features vocals from him and his sister Carrie Hope Fletcher.
  2. Dreiser had difficulty finding a publisher for " Sister Carrie ".
  3. A batch of new releases from the Modern Library : Dreiser's " Sister Carrie,"
  4. Also in the story, though not yet born historically, is Laura's baby sister Carrie.
  5. We never had a Sister Carrie quite like that,
  6. Both " Sister Carrie " and " An American Tragedy " are arguably better reads.
  7. Chaka Khan played a character named Sister Carrie.
  8. Same with " Sister Carrie . " Kafka died before any of his books were published.
  9. She is Sister Carrie, channeled through Bridget Jones.
  10. "Sister Carrie " is in the unexpurgated edition.


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