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  • 拉登·蘇托莫


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  1. The victims were brought to Soetomo General Hospital for medical treatment.
  2. The property is situated at 35 Dr . Soetomo Street, Malang.
  3. Dr . Soetomo in the East Java capital.
  4. Resobowo's portrait of Soetomo is held in the Presidential Palace in Jakarta.
  5. At first thinking that Chrisye was not serious, Soetomo agreed quickly when convinced otherwise.
  6. After the death of Dr . Soetomo in 1938, Thamrin became deputy chair of Parindra.
  7. Relationship with Dr . Soetomo of " Indonesische Studieclub " ( PBI ) became tense.
  8. After the trio disbanded in 1984, Chrisye produced another three albums with young songwriter Adjie Soetomo.
  9. Important students in the first half of the 1920s were Soetomo, Nazir Pamontjak, Mohammed Hatta and Achmad Soebardjo.
  10. Akhudiat also took courses in English at the Indonesian Institute of America ( LIA ), Soetomo Surabaya, up to advanced level.


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