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  1. Ice cream and fruit bars made of soursop are also very popular.
  2. Soursop on Pond-apple rootstock has a dwarfing effect.
  3. Widely consumed fruits include mandarins, mango, passionfruit, soursops and coconuts.
  4. It looks something like guanabana or soursop.
  5. The bark of this soursop tree, she said as she pointed, can cure sleeplessness.
  6. Soursop is peeled and eaten raw.
  7. The fruit has a texture like the soursop which some may describe as stringy or fibrous.
  8. The soursop fruit, by the way, makes a great drink that Jamaicans claim calms you.
  9. Adults and caterpillars are known to feed on soursop and other " Annona " species.
  10. Soursop is also a common ingredient for making fresh fruit juices that are sold by street food vendors.


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