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  1. We already have it in those horticultural earlybirds, the sourwoods.
  2. Beech, dogwood, and sourwood are found in the understory.
  3. Juice from its blooms is used to make sourwood Catawba to make arrowshafts.
  4. Apples and peaches, jams and sourwood honey.
  5. I could hear it disappearing from the high limbs of sourwood and red oak.
  6. And now the sourwoods were coming into flower.
  7. Sourwood honey comes at midsummer, and most of his fall honey comes from mixed wildflowers.
  8. I remember not too long ago that one season, there was no sourwood honey at all.
  9. Last week, the poplars, sourwoods and sumacs were just beginning to turn in North Georgia.
  10. There are no billboards or convenience stores, nothing to dull the golden poplars, scarlet sourwoods and orange sassafras.


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