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  1. It was named after Spaccanapoli, a street that crosses the ancient city centre of Naples.
  2. The history of the tarantella rhythm that drives some of Spaccanapoli's songs reaches back to a time when it drove ecstatic rituals of healing and exorcism.
  3. The other two decumani are closer to the coast : Decumano Inferiore ( Spaccanapoli ), also exist in some form or other, mostly as narrow lanes.
  4. Spaccanapoli, from Naples, is an institution of Italy's folk revival, the new name for the group that was formed in 1974 as E Zezi.
  5. On " Spaccanapoli " ( Real World / Narada ), the group mixes vigorously strummed guitars and studio production with old Neapolitan instruments like tambourines and the double-reed ciamarella.
  6. Among those who have canceled are Spaccanapoli, Italian folk singers from Naples, who were to perform at the Cooper Union on Oct . 5, and a Spanish flamenco artist, Miguel Poveda, who was to perform, also at the Cooper Union, on Oct . 6.
  7. You can try one at Brandi, where it was invented; at Di Matteo, in the heart of Spaccanapoli, the old city, where President Clinton, no pizza neophyte, hung out during the summit; or at my favorite, Trianon, where the pies emerge from the cherrywood-fired oven with blistered brown bits around the edges.


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