space capsule recovery experiment的中文翻譯

發音:   用"space capsule recovery experiment"造句
  • space:    太空
  • capsule:    音標:[kapsyl] 動詞變位提示 ...
  • recovery:    好得很 (阿姆專輯)


  1. In January 2007, the Space Capsule Recovery Experiment Module ( SRE-1 ) was safely brought back to earth after 10 days in orbit.
  2. Major programmes of VSSC include the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ( PSLV ), Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle ( GSLV ), Rohini Sounding Rockets, Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, Reusable Launch Vehicles and Air Breathing Propulsion.
  3. The trials for the manned space missions began with the 600 kg Space Capsule Recovery Experiment ( SRE ), launched using the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ( PSLV ) rocket, and safely returned to earth 12 days later.
  4. The "'Space Capsule Recovery Experiment II "'( commonly known as "'SRE-2 "') was an Indian re-entry demonstration experiment designed by the Indian Space Research Organisation ( ISRO ).


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