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  • plain:    音標:[plɛ̃] 專業辭典 1. ...
  • plain:    音標:[plɛ̃]專業辭典1. ad ...
  • stony river:    斯托尼里弗 (阿拉斯加州)


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  1. The journey included extremes of thick forest, swamps and desolate stony plains.
  2. Stony Plain voted in favour of the proposal by a landslide majority.
  3. In the first game, the hometown Stony Plain Eagles flattened London 8-3.
  4. The album was also released by Stony Plain Records in Canada.
  5. Stony Plain released " Tripping Up the Stairs " in 1986.
  6. It is composed of sandplains, alluvial and stony plains and hills.
  7. Stony Plain Road provides access to locations west of the city.
  8. Next on the agenda was Stony Plain in the BC / Alberta finals.
  9. "Remembering Leadbelly " ( Stony Plain, dlrs 16.98 ) _ Long John Baldry
  10. In 1984, Shikaoi began a sister town relationship with Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada.


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