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發音:   用"sukima switch"造句
  • 無限開關
  • switch:    switch m. 開關;開關裝置
  • switch:    switchm.開關;開關裝置
  • nintendo switch:    nintendo switch; 任 ...


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  1. The second opening theme, by Sukima Switch, is used from episode 432 to 458.
  2. Three years later, Matsu sang the song on " Music Fair ", alongside Sukima Switch.
  3. American pop group Backstreet Boys "'Yui, Mariya Takeuchi, Namie Amuro, Sukima Switch, Hideaki Tokunaga, and Ketsumeishi.
  4. Her first lead role was Kaori Fujimiya in the 2014 anime television series " One Week Friends ", where she also performed the series'ending theme, a cover of a 2004 single by Sukima Switch.
  5. One of them, The Cure-esque " Gunjou " features Takuya Ohashi ( a lead vocalist of the duo Sukima Switch ) and Kana Uemura on guest vocals, and comedy double act Ungirls appeared on its promotional film.
  6. From episode 15 on, the opening is " Ah Yeah ", performed by Sukima Switch; and the ending is " LEO " by Tacica . " Ah Yeah " is also used as the ending for Episode 14, which has no opening.
  7. The male duo Sukima Switch is performing the film's theme, " Hoshi no Utsuwa " ( " Star Vessel " ); producer Takuyuki Hirobe had asked the duo to make a song that invokes a gentle yet powerful outlook of the world in the making of the movie.
  8. In February 2009, it was announced that St . Onge, under her chosen moniker Himeka, would perform the theme song, produced by Tokita of Sukima Switch, to the anime adaptation of " Valkyria Chronicles " ( a . k . a . " SenjM no Valkyria : Gallian Chronicles " ), which will air from April 2009, across Animax and other Japanese broadcast networks.
  9. The second competition, in 2008, was attended by 3186 applicants, with preliminaries held across Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Sapporo, with eleven chosen finalists performing at the final round, held in JCB Hall in Tokyo on September 2008, and was won by the Tokyo-based Canadian Catherine St . Onge, who will perform the theme song, produced by ShintarM Tokita of Sukima Switch, to an Animax anime project, and earn a professional contract with Sony Music Japan.


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