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  1. Other large ships are : The Sun Princess at 77, 000 tons.
  2. The new Sun Princess, currently the world's largest cruise vessel, goes further.
  3. But you don't bring your Subaru onto the Sun Princess, do you?
  4. The Sun Princess, already on the seas, is the world's largest cruise ship.
  5. And the Sun Princess and the Century are only the beginning.
  6. The Sun Princess carries 1, 950 passengers, far fewer than ships far smaller.
  7. Even the Sun Princess'status as the newest passenger ship lasted less than a month.
  8. The $ 300-million-plus Sun Princess is fast, smooth and spacious.
  9. We have the Sun Princess coming up, 77, 000 tons, state of the art.
  10. The Sun Princess is the first cruise ship in the world to offer 24-hour dining.


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