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  1. Sun Shangxiang returns to base from Cao Cao's camp with a map of the enemy formation.
  2. The battle begins with Sun Shangxiang leading some riders to lure Cao Cao's vanguard force into the allies'Bagua Formation.
  3. Chinese actress Zhao Wei portrayed Sun Shangxiang in the 2008 Chinese epic war film " Red Cliff " directed by John Woo.
  4. After taking down Meng Huo, Shu proceeded to capture Fan Castle from Wei's Cao Ren, and also defeated Wu reinforcements under Sun Shangxiang.
  5. She is referred to as " Sun Shang Xiang " in the first seven instalments in the series, and as " Sun Shangxiang " from the eighth instalment onwards.
  6. While the allies throw a banquet to celebrate their victory, Zhuge Liang conceives a plan to send Sun Shangxiang on an espionage mission to Cao Cao's camp.
  7. "' Lady Sun "', known as "'Sun Shangxiang "'in Chinese opera and contemporary culture, was a noble lady who lived in the late Eastern Han dynasty.
  8. He was survived by five sons : Sun Ce, Sun Quan, Sun Yi, Sun Kuang and Sun Lang and one daughter, commonly named Sun Shangxiang though her real name was not recorded in official history.
  9. This faction consist of most general that used to have double affiliation, such as Sun Shangxiang being sister of Sun Quan and wife of Liu Bei, this cause her to have double affiliation of being both Shu and Wu general.


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