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  1. They defeated Ji Chunmei and Sun Shengnan.
  2. However, she lost in the first round of qualifying to top qualifying seed Sun Shengnan.
  3. Liu Wanting and Sun Shengnan were the defending champions, having won the event in 2012.
  4. Ji Chunmei and Sun Shengnan won the title, defeating Jill Craybas and Natalie Grandin in the final.
  5. She won her first match against qualifier Sun Shengnan and followed that up with a win against Misaki Doi.
  6. Han Xinyun and Sun Shengnan were the defending champions, having won the event in 2012, but Han chose not to defend her title.
  7. Dabrowski competed with Marie-葀e Pelletier, while Fichman competed with Sun Shengnan and both faced each other in the semifinals with Dabrowski and Pelletier winning.
  8. Debbrich participated at the 2008 Canara Bank Bangalore Open Doubles Event, but was eliminated in Round 1 with Angelika Bachmann, against Ji Chunmei and Sun Shengnan.
  9. Ai and Srebotnik impressively defeated Sun Shengnan and Ji Chunmei 6 0, 6 1, and eventually defeated Micha雔la Krajicek and Agnieszka RadwaDska 5 7, 6 0, 6 2.
  10. She returned to the competition at the 2011 Open GDF Suez de Marseille, where she beat Sun Shengnan and Aleksandra Wozniak to make the quarterfinals, but was beaten by homecrowd favourite Pauline Parmentier.


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