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  1. He is viewed as an undersized swingman with an erratic shot.
  2. That's the attitude Mavs swingman Michael Finley is taking.
  3. Center Soumaila Samake and swingman Johnny Newman will join the Suns.
  4. The scoring will have to come from junior swingman Rick Anderson.
  5. They are also expected to sign free agent swingman Greg Buckner.
  6. San Antonio Spurs swingman Sean Elliott underwent a kidney transplant Monday.
  7. To counter this, this tweener could play as a swingman.
  8. The swingman is the captain of the Zimbabwe national basketball team.
  9. And they discovered freshman swingman Michael Dickerson, who had 25 points.
  10. But we played through it, " swingman Nate McMillan said.


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