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  • 斯溫克 (科羅拉多州)


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  1. But the publicity didn't get Swink into Heisman contention.
  2. Swink was one of the great running backs in school history.
  3. Swink was lying on top of me, clutching my shirt tail.
  4. Swink says, " and facing him in football was tough.
  5. A post office called Swink has been in operation since.
  6. October and Swink escape and rejoin the other two at Loomis '.
  7. The resulting company was named Fahlgren & Swink / Benito.
  8. He passed Jim Swink, Curtis Modkins and former teammate Basil Mitchell yesterday.
  9. The community was named after George W . Swink, a Colorado politician.
  10. Its main asset, though, was Swink himself.


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