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  1. The project began construction in summer 2009 and the new " Swissporarena " was finished July 2011.
  2. In December 2010, the Luzern Allmend / Messe, built within the tunnel, serves the Swissporarena.
  3. The club plays its home games at Swissporarena which was newly built in 2011 at the place of the old Stadion Allmend.
  4. "' Swissporarena "'is a new multi-use stadium in Lucerne, Switzerland, completed in 2011.
  5. In late 2012, a new tunnel route was opened between Lucerne Allmend / Messe, built within the tunnel, serves the Swissporarena.
  6. Sommer made his debut for the senior side on 30 May 2012 in the Swissporarena, in Lucerne, in a 0 1 defeat against Romania in a friendly match.
  7. On 27 March 2015, Klavan played his 100th international match, a 0 & ndash; 3 loss to Switzerland at the Swissporarena in Lucerne during UEFA Euro 2016 qualifying.
  8. Apart from the planned football stadium, Swissporarena, ( capacity 17, 000 ) there were also plans for a sports centre with a gymnasium, indoor pool and fitness center.
  9. Two other stations are located within the city boundaries, with Lucerne Allmend / Messe railway station close to the Swissporarena in the south of the city, and the Lucerne Verkehrshaus railway station adjacent to the Swiss Museum of Transport in the east.


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