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  1. From 1650, the Sturm family owned the castle at Odendorf in Swisttal.
  2. Swisttal received its names from a brook named Swist, which flows in the middle of the municipality.
  3. The central school for advanced and vocational training is in L黚eck and controls the five basic training schools in Swisttal, Neustrelitz, Oerlenbach, Walsrode and Eschwege.
  4. The town borders on Bonn to the south, the towns of Alfter and Swisttal to the southwest, the town of Weilerswist to the west, the towns of Rhine-bordering town of Niederkassel in the east.
  5. Prie?was a member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany since 1972, of the Public Service Union 諸V since 1974 and later of its successor organization ver . di . together with his wife Anne he organized yearly art exhibitions in Heimerzheim, Swisttal.


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