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  1. Musician Richard Cheese was also interviewed discussing his rendition of the Imperial March.
  2. Even in the idyllic moment of their marriage, I stated the Imperial March minimally.
  3. Reminds me of the Imperial March and the Funeral March but not close to either.
  4. :Well there's The Imperial March, but that's copyrighted.
  5. "The Imperial March " is Igor's ring-entrance music.
  6. The dancers would carry torches onto the stage to the prerecorded track of " The Imperial March ".
  7. Herman's paternal grandparents were Henry IV as Carinthian duke, since 1106 he also controlled the Imperial March of Istria.
  8. The Imperial March was also played by the tournament officials after the final match point, in honor of Federer's achievement.
  9. Naturally, there had to be police, and naturally, they were serenaded with " The Imperial March " by the crowd.
  10. In " Empire Day ", the episode's title referring to the Empire's anniversary, " The Imperial March " is heard during the parade.


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