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  1. One example of this was San Francisco Giants'Tim Lincecum.
  2. He was tied for first in complete games thrown ( four ) with teammate Tim Lincecum.
  3. On May 6, starter Tim Lincecum was recalled from Fresno and Scott Munter was sent down.
  4. The Giants, along with Tim Lincecum, won Game 5 by a score of 3 1.
  5. After Zito allowed a run on three hits in the sixth inning, Tim Lincecum relieved him.
  6. As in Game 1, Tim Lincecum relieved the Giants'starter, and pitched scoreless innings.
  7. Despite his success, he was activated and sent down to AAA after the Angels called up Tim Lincecum.
  8. The only other active pitchers with 100 + wild pitches are John Lackey with 114 and Tim Lincecum with 107.
  9. Game 5 was a pitching rematch of Game 1 between former Cy Young Award winners Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum.
  10. They were again unable to score the following night as Tim Lincecum and the Giants blanked the Dodgers 4 0.


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