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  1. It has hosted performances by Mariah Carey, Tim McGraw and Gloria Estefan.
  2. But her husband, Tim McGraw, is hardly being left in the dust.
  3. Her fame dramatically increased in 1996 when she married singer Tim McGraw.
  4. Not far behind Hill was husband Tim McGraw, who had five nominations.
  5. Country music star Tim McGraw will soon be a doctor of humanities.
  6. Interesting factoid : Faith Hill is married to country singer Tim McGraw.
  7. Halsey became a prolific music video director, especially for Tim McGraw.
  8. They included Tim McGraw and Elton John singing " Tiny Dancer,"
  9. Other nominees in that category besides Jackson were Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.
  10. Tim McGraw / Faith Hill _ $ 48 . 8 million.


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