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  • square:    音標:[skwar] n.m. [英 ...
  • square:    音標:[skwar]n.m. [英] ...
  • the world:    世界


  1. And Tobu World Square, north of the capital, reproduces scale versions of famous buildings, such as the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower . ( kgo)
  2. But for those who do want to get the thrill of danger _ vicariously, of course _ there is no need look any further than Tobu World Square, a world-in-miniature park just north of Tokyo.
  3. Also within 8-minute walking distance from Kinugawa is the Tobu World Square which boasts 102 exquisitely crafted 1 : 25 scale models of the most famous, UNESCO-designated World Cultural and Heritage Sites, complete with 140, 000 1 : 25 miniature people.


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