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  1. Toby Bailey dunked and dazzled his way to a career-high 28 points.
  2. Toby Bailey led the Bruins with 13 and Kris Johnson had 10.
  3. J . R . Henderson and Toby Bailey make an intimidating pair.
  4. UCLA freshman guard Toby Bailey said of getting to the Final Four.
  5. Like fellow senior Toby Bailey, he has saved his best for last.
  6. Toby Bailey had no intention of easing into his college basketball career.
  7. Toby Bailey and J . R . Henderson will share ballhandling duties.
  8. For local fans, former UCLA guard Toby Bailey is on the Nutriolo roster.
  9. With 1 : 06 left, UCLA guard Toby Bailey was called for charging.
  10. So did Mike Bibby, Ron Mercer, Toby Bailey and Pervis Ellison.


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