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  1. Niederhofer, the Traiskirchen president, could hardly believe his luck.
  2. Since 1972, it is part of the commune of Traiskirchen.
  3. Vogl was born in Traiskirchen, Austria, near Vienna.
  4. Gumpoldskirchen borders on the municipalities M鰀ling, Guntramsdorf, Gaaden, Pfaffst鋞ten and Traiskirchen.
  5. Last week the company announced it would close most of its Traiskirchen, Austria, plant by next summer.
  6. Ofner attended, from 1942 to 1945, the Nazi-era National Political Institutes of Education in Traiskirchen near Vienna.
  7. Former NBA center Acie Earl has signed a contract with little known Austrian basketball team Traiskirchen, club boss Helmut Niederhofer said Tuesday.
  8. Traiskirchen is eighth in Austria's 10-team top league, and hoping to return to success with Earl's help.
  9. In May 1990 it was announced by the Mayor of Traiskirchen that according to promise of the Minister of the Interior the institute will be closed permanently.
  10. At a refugee processing center in Traiskirchen, about 30 miles outside Vienna, Jerome said, black refugees are segregated from the others in a separate room.


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