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  1. San Gorgonio Mountain lies at the easternmost extremity of the Transverse Ranges.
  2. It can often be found in Sierra Nevada, and Transverse Ranges.
  3. Other cities and communities lie in the intermountain valleys of the Transverse Range.
  4. Chaparral is a common feature of the Transverse Ranges.
  5. It is the westernmost range in the Transverse Ranges.
  6. The Swasey Branch exits through the south transverse range via a deep gorge.
  7. The San Andreas Fault and many other faults run through the Transverse Ranges.
  8. People have taken full advantage of the Transverse Ranges.
  9. The mountain is the highest point of the Transverse Ranges west of Tejon Pass.
  10. The mountains ranges comprising the Transverse ranges include:


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