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  • ultra:    音標:[yltra] n. [古]極 ...
  • ultra:    音標:[yltra]n. [古]極端 ...
  • ultra-:    préf. 表示“超,過,極端"的意 ...


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  1. Wheeljack helps break Ultra Magnus out of the Paradron prison planet.
  2. Ultra Magnus repelled them with the lightning he summoned with his hammer.
  3. Militarily, his greatest opposition comes from the Wreckers under Ultra Magnus.
  4. Predaking pursues them, but is outmaneuvered by Ultra Magnus and injured.
  5. Ultra Magnus also appears in the IDW ongoing series.
  6. Leader Ultra Magnus, was originally released in 2001.
  7. They were about to take on Predaking until Ultra Magnus got its attention.
  8. He is opposed by Ultra Magnus, Sideswipe, Red Alert and Tracks.
  9. Ultra Magnus, however, manages to save him.
  10. Ultra Magnus taunts Optimus before proceeding to Classicsverse Earth to execute his plan.


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