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  1. They were subsequently sold to the Utah Railway in June 2001, where they remain.
  2. Today the SL is a subsidiary of the Utah Railway and is owned by the Genesee & Wyoming Inc.
  3. The line extending from Hiawatha to Utah Railway Junction, Utah, was constructed by forces of the carrier.
  4. The arrangement was largely identical to the three-axle lead truck on the unique Southern Utah Railway McKeen car.
  5. In 2001 The Utah Railway tested and later acquired all 6 units from Wabtec, the owner of MotivePower Industries.
  6. In later years the symbol of the Utah Railway Company was the beehive, which is also the Utah state symbol.
  7. The 6 units were reclassed with the designation MK50-3 and are now back in service with the Utah Railway.
  8. The 1948 logo included the words " Utah Railway " surrounding a gondola with the initials " U . C . R . ".
  9. The 1999 logo was an oval with an image of an SD diesel locomotive and the words " Utah Railway : Since 1912 ".
  10. Today's Utah Railway operates over of track between Provo, Utah, of which are owned, and the remainder operated under agreements with BNSF Railway and Union Pacific.


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