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  1. Around 1810, the couple moved to Utersum on F鰄r where Braren worked as a teacher.
  2. A census in 1787 showed that Utersum and Hedehusum together had 294 inhabitants, 62 of whom were seafarers.
  3. He often took his vacation in Utersum on the island of F鰄r, of which he was eventually made an honorary citizen.
  4. As a part of Western F鰄r, Utersum belonged to the Danish Enclaves and was thus directly linked to the Danish Kingdom while Eastern F鰄r and Wyk adhered to the Duchy of Schleswig.
  5. Only when Denmark lost Schleswig to Prussia after the Second Schleswig War of 1864 did Utersum become part of Schleswig-Holstein due to the annexation of Schleswig-Holstein by Prussia in 1867.
  6. "' Hans-Hasso Freiherr von Ludolf Martin Veltheim Ostrau "'( born Cologne, died Utersum ) was a German Indologist, Anthroposophist, Far East traveler, occultist and author.
  7. The three hamlets of Utersum, Witsum and Hedehusum were the only ones to vote for Denmark in Zone II of the Schleswig Plebiscites in 1920; yet as they were not located directly at the border they remained within Germany.
  8. Utersum, Hedehusum and the adjacent municipality of Witsum were the only ones in Zone II of the Schleswig Plebiscites in 1920 to vote for Denmark; as they were not directly situated at the border though, they remained with Germany.
  9. Witsum and the neighbouring village of Utersum were the only municipalities in the second zone of the Schleswig Plebiscites to vote for Denmark in 1920; yet because they were not directly situated at the border, the two of them remained with Germany.


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