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  1. Another folk tale concerns the vagina dentata ( " toothed vagina " ).
  2. She then researches " vagina dentata " and realizes she may have it.
  3. Other early Rauschenbergs involve spiked boxes : vagina dentata, perhaps, or iron maidens.
  4. "Whores " is a nightmare from the " vagina dentata " school of folk tales.
  5. The image was eventually vetoed for sexual overtones, compared by sales managers to the vagina dentata.
  6. Wayne is unwilling to continue, though, after discovering Janesmith has " vagina dentata ", but she uses hypnosis to knock him out.
  7. More than a phallus, however, the retractable tongue has its own set of snapping, metallic teeth that connects it to the castrating vagina dentata ."
  8. Upon asking Anni to " . . . please fuck me, " the main character reveals that she has vagina dentata; her vagina eats Anni's fist.
  9. Following the breakup of Vagina Dentata in 1985, Ferris and Jacoby recruited guitarist Robert Haas ( formerly of the band Endless Banana ) to form Celebrity Skin.
  10. He possesses a high-level shadow dragon named "'Vagina Dentata "'( ????????? " Vagina Dentta " ) that often follows Takeo, and crafts new shadow dragons as a sort of hobby.


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