valu lui traian的中文翻譯

發音:   用"valu lui traian"造句
  • lui:    音標:[lɥi] 動詞變位提示:lu ...
  • lui:    音標:[lɥi]動詞變位提示:lui ...
  • traian băsescu:    特萊揚·伯塞斯庫


  1. In 1967, the village of Valea Seac ( historical name : " Omurcea ", ) was merged into Valu lui Traian, now the commune's only village.
  2. In location Valu lui Traian and Murfatlar was reported interruptions temporary electricity supply energy . Also, a good period of time, mobile was interrupted . population a signaled production small cracks in walls, in special of old buildings.
  3. Both had been previously found fighting in a car on the Autostrada Soarelui ( The Sun Motorway ) between Constana and Valu lui Traian in June 2013, where they were stopped by police officers, and Stan was transported to a hospital.


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