發音:   用"valvatida"造句


  1. Several groups of starfish, including Valvatida and Forcipulatida, possess pedicellariae.
  2. He transferred Acanthasteridae from the Spinulosida to the Valvatida and assigned it a position near to the Oreasteridae, from which it appears to be derived.
  3. There are seven extant orders, Brisingida, Forcipulatida, Notomyotida, Paxillosida, Spinulosida, Valvatida and Velatida and two extinct ones, Calliasterellidae and Trichasteropsida.
  4. They are not to be confused with species in the genus " Archaster ", which share similar shape and life habits, but belong to the family Archasteridae ( ordrer Valvatida ).


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